Vital Beings Holistic Veterinary Care

Letting our patients heal themselves naturally

We provide Holistic Veterinary Care 
in the Tricities, Port Moody area



Because in our experience, Holistic Veterinary care is a more gentle way of treatment that encourages the body to heal itself. Conventional or Western medicine treats the symptoms of disease but does not help the body to rebalance itself.  For example, treating an itchy dog with antibiotics and steroids may suppress or stop the itch for a while, however, without these medications the dog is still itchy.  The dog usually requires life long medication and in most cases, the underlying cause or reason that the itching began in the first place, has not been resolved. The real question is "why is the dog itchy"?   Holistic medicine, however, treats the whole being, so that the underlying cause for the itch will rebalance itself and the itch will resolve.  In our experience, we have found Holistic medicine to be effective for the treatment of chronic diseases, as well as acute/sudden diseases.  


Our goal is to help you and your loved ones on the path to better health.  


What services do we offer? 


  • Holistic Veterinary treatment of disease in the Greater Vancouver Area, specifically Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Port Moody & New Westminister.  We have a consulation office in Port Coquitlam
  • Homeopathic treatment
  • Natural medical treatment and care
  • Disease prevention exams and lab work up
  • Herbs and Nutriton advice
  • Cold Laser Therapy treatment (see below)
  • Raw food and natural diet advice
  • Certificates of health and consultations for international travel
  • Homeopathic immunizations using nosodes
  • Vaccine titer testing (Blood testing to verify vaccine levels)
  • Advice on feeding puppies, overweight animals and particular diseases (food allergies, diabetes, kidney and liver diseases)
  • In home euthanasia services for our long-term clients 
  • Phone and internet Homeopathic consultations for those unable to travel to our area.
  • Lab testing including blood & urine analysis
  • Food allergy testing through Nutriscan
  • Preventative Health exams
  • Natural Health advice



*******Low Level Light Laser Therapy (LLLT) (also known as Cold Laser)  for treating conditions such as: painful joints, arthritis, hip dysplasia, muscle injuries, nerve injuries, lameness, skin conditions, painful ears, and to speed up wound healing. (For more information see: and our tab under Articles by Dr. Rehanni)



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We now have a consultation office in Port Coquitlam, associated with Shaughnessy Veterinary Hospital.  


We also provide Holistic house call service to clients in the Tri Cities  (Coquitlam/Port Coquitlam/Port Moody/Pitt Meadows), New Westmister and North Burnaby areas. 


We understand the special relationship between you and your pet and treat our own pets as part of our family. 


Our Veterinarians are certified by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association and the College of Veterinarians of BC, and have undergone further training in Holistic Homeopathic Medicine.  We focus on Holistic and Natural healing modalities including Classical Homeopathic Medicine, herbs, cold laser therapy, natural immunizations (nosodes) and nutritional counselling. We also provide advice on immune system support, vaccination, allergies and the treatment of chronic diseases like allergies, arthritis, hepatitis, pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disease, poor digestion, intestinal bacterial overgrowth, cardiac disease, asthma, kidney disease, cancer and vaccine related side effects.  


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